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  1. Matias MÀÀttÀ

    The work you guys are doing is amazing and i am eternally grateful since i can’t make a good looking character to save my life. That being said it does say “customization file version is different” so any fix for it? I don’t know if this will actually work but if someone has a working version in their PC it should automatically update it when a new version/patch of the game comes out. So couldn’t they just, i don’t know, post their version here?

  2. James Parker

    This should be updated soon guys I just sent a link through to the original design. If any of you can’t wait that long check the korean templates site. I can’t post links or I would help more. All I can say is Google ‘Black Desert Templates’ and use the third link down (Reddit) and press plum, its on like the third page along with download link.

  3. Kinyco Lee

    The template works perfectly.
    You just have to convert it by adding at the end => .rar
    and extract the file.

    The only problem.. is that on the screenshot there’s a filter, and obviously she looks better on it.

  4. Nils Mayr

    Hey hopefully you still use this website and see my comment D:
    I really love your work but the file is not working and i fail to recreate your character. I would heavily appreciate it if you could try to fix the file since Kurnia is a truely outstanding creation. c:

  5. Sora Chiu

    Hi, recently I’ve been trying to get this preset to work. I tried extracting it and opening it with winzip. When I extract it and put it in the customization folder, it still presents the error “customization version is different.” When I open it on winzip, nothing shows up. Please help me, thank you!

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